Why choose PC Repair Center?

No Technology Professionals on staff?

PC Repair Center is here from 2004!

Managing technology without technical professionals on staff can be difficult, tedious and confusing – not to mention time consuming.

PC Repair Center can simplify this for you. We will help you to:

• Eliminate recurring technology problems

• Detect and prevent new problems

• Establish sound policies and protect important data

• Save money on maintenance and training

• Free up staff time that is better spent elsewhere

• Avoid wasteful technology spending

Work with us and enjoy the benefits of a full-time IT staff, without all the overhead. Tap the wide-ranging resources of our TEAM of trained experts. We’ll provide you with:

• All the skills of a typical IT department:

• Manager, Technician, Administrator, Consultant, Engineer and Developer;

• In the manner and combination that is right for you.

Request us on an hourly or daily basis whenever you need us, or have us come in regularly to keep you safe, secure and running smoothly.

Let PC Repair Center take care of your technology so you can run your business. Call (760) 722-9986 today and begin to make your job easier!

Talented IT professionals to the Rescue

Every IT Department needs an extra hand once in a while. PC Repair Center can help you cover your bases and meet pressing deadlines and challenges. Use us to:

• Temporarily staff for high-demand workloads and accelerate projects

• Free up key staff members and add skills you don’t have

• Cover vacations and employee absences

• Evaluate existing practices and policies

We offer flexible arrangements:

• Use our resources on an hourly or daily basis

• Schedule short or long-term assignments

• Access after-hours coverage

Working with PC Repair Center will allow you to:

• Get projects on track

• Improve your department’s performance rating

• Eliminate backlogs and improve team morale and

• Strengthen your organization’s practices

We have many professionals to choose from. Just a few of the roles we can fill for you include:

PC Technician

Helpdesk Specialist

Systems Administrator

Animation Specialist

Process Consultant

Systems Engineer

Project Manager

Graphics Designer

Web Developer